Thursday, May 20, 2010



India is lovely.

Aside from some heat stroke inducing weather, I am having a great time in Varanasi. From our hotel room, you can see the Ganges or Ganga, as we've all started calling it.

Traveling in such a huge group has been pretty taxing, but amusing. I think Katie detailed the rickshaw adventures. Well, let's say they're the best thing ever. I want one for back home.

I've been thinking about the hierarchy of horns here, in our terrifying drive back from the Tibetan monastery to Assi Ghat. Obviously the lay of the land is that the bigger vehicle has the right of way, except for scooters who will try every possible means to get in any possible gap. Anyways. Cars only have one stopping point: cows. Don't hit the cow.

Cows seemed to be the oddest part of this trip for me. It's never been in my mind to avoid one animal constantly. I'm constantly watching where I step so as not to step in cow dung, watching ahead of me to not run into a cow, and definitely smelling cows constantly.

Speaking of animals, I touched a goat yesterday.

I don't have much to say right now and this computer chair is verrry uncomfortable.

Blog again from Allahabad,



  1. A goat! You touched a GOAT! So fun to hear all of your experiences. And I continue to be very jealous.

  2. Thank you for writing. I think of ya'll constantly.
    jim bob

  3. samantha, hi . i love you and i am very proud of you and burns. have fun. mom