Monday, May 31, 2010


This is my absolute first time writing a blog ever. I'm here in India and i' having the time of my life. I think my most memorable experience has been in Rishikesh. Yeah someone already wrote about this but, I want you to hear this from a standpoint of someone that fully partook in the activity. Rafting in the Ganges River was my absolute favorite. I had been anticipating this since the time we stepped foot in Rishikesh. The guy taught us to properly use the ores, how to hold them etc. basically a little crash course. Going through the rapids for the first time was a bit freighting. Our guide person was telling us "left- back, right-front" and at one point we hit a huge rapid and he was yelling "fast, fast, and then front I tell you!" You had to hear the way he said it. I thought I had seen my life flash before my eyes, but I love the thrill in that . At one point a few of us were almost removed from the raft. I believe that rapid was called the roller coaster. There were maybe 7 or more rapids in total. We all did get a chance to jump in the river and I tell you that was the coldest I had ever been while being here. My showers here aren't even cold (I know TMI) : ) Going in for the first time was life changing. This is the same river ( according to their beliefs here) purifies you of your sins so to actually be apart of something like this was something major. I did get a mouth full of water when I went in because apparently I don't know how to keep my mouth closed (smiles) but it was worth it. We went up a few more rapids and had some lunch then back to paddling. This time the girls were in front (girl power!)Lindsay and I held it down! It was all smooth sailing than the guide asked if we wanted to jump off a cliff. My eyes literally got bug as quarters because I've always pictured myself doing this. We climbed to the top of this cliff which wasn't really tall but once I was there and actually about to do it, it was the scariest thing in the world (lets not forget I looovvveee thrill) So I'm waiting and maybe 5 minutes go by along with 5 people who jumped in the river before me that should have been after, but because I hadn't yet built up my confidence I couldn't go. I slowly back away from the tip of the cliff running to the edge I closed my eyes and screamed as I jumped. My feet felt like they were never going to reach earth again and there was like this empty feeling in my stomach. Finally I hit the water with a big splash! I DID IT!!!! This is all I really have time for right now, but I will be writing soon.


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