Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hi everyone!

I guess that I am the first to write an entry. We've all been pretty busy, but tonight we've got some down time. For only having been here for 3 full days, we've sure done a lot of things. Saturday we arrived in Delhi around 8:30p our time, and went straight to the hotel.
The first thing you notice stepping out of the plane is the heat. It's not super sticky all the time like in Greenville, but it can be. It's been around 110F during the day, and 90F or so at night. VERY hot. We're all drinking the most water we ever have in our lives...

The next thing I noticed was the super-crazy traffic. At first glance there seem to be no rules at all. Everyone is honking their horns, as a kind of "Hello, I'm over here" and you can see cars and trucks with "horn please" or "please honk" painted on the back. In fact I can hear a lot of horns outside the Internet cafe right now. There aren't lanes on the road, and of there are, no one uses them.Our bus would pull up between a truck and a guy on a scooter would pull up between us, or even a rickshaw if there was not enough room. Cows walk around, just going about thier business (which I mean in many ways) and people just go around them. I think the hierarchy of the road is that the bigger you are, the more right of way you get, unless you are a cow. Cows are on the top of the right-of-way pyramid.

Speaking of rickshaws, I think the rides we've had in them have been the most fun parts for me so far. This is a rickshaw. Now, imagine at least 4 adults squeezed in one of those things, darting between cars, cows, bicycles, other rickshaws, and whoever is walking on the road. Today, six of us squeezed in one, with 4 in the back and one on each side of the driver, and we rode about 3km, and it was only just over $1! Rickshaws are sooo much fun to ride in, and I'm sure others will mention the awesomeness of rickshaws in their posts, haha.

After Saturday, we stayed again in Delhi, and visited the Baha'i temple and Humayun's tomb. Two places I've always wanted to see! Monday was a day for a Hindi movie. The thatre was really nice, and had heavy security. You weren't allowed to take backpacks in, and before you got to go in, you had to go through 2 metal detectors, and one pat down. The movie we saw was called Badmaash Company. It was over 3 hours long, and very over-dramatic. It was pretty fun to go see to say the least.

Last night we got on a train out of Delhi, headed towards Varanasi. The ride was about 14 hours long, but I slept better than I did on the plane! I had never been in a sleeper car of a train, or on many trains for that matter. If you've seen the movie The Darjeeling Limited.... it's all wrong, haha. The trains aren't nearly as nice, but they are quite enjoyable.

We all miss you and are thinking of you, and if we haven't already, I'm sure we will be contacting everyone asap! Goodnight!



  1. Thank you Katie.
    I have been thinking of all of you a lot. I definitely look forward to my first rickshaw ride someday. I hope everyone is having as much fun as you. I am so jealous of your trip. Stay cool.
    To quote Rent, "Moo with me!"
    Love to all,
    jim mijanovich

  2. Thanks for the update Katie! Your descriptions give a wonderful sense of what you are all experiencing, physically & culturally. Wow, what an adventure!
    Libby Mijanovich