Monday, May 31, 2010

Toshi Dele (probably spelled wrong)

Hello from Dharmsala,
Despite all of the fun and exciting things we've done on our adventures in India, today was one of the more powerful experiences for me. Today we met the Karmapa Lama who, for those who don't know, is the leader of one of the four Buddhist schools. He is very good friends with the Dali Lama. But the part that I didn't know that was most interesting to me was that the Karmapa and the Dali Lama are both people who have been reincarnated since the 12th century!!! They find them at a young age by a series of tests and strange happenings. For example, at the age of two and a half the current Dali Lama was found because he knew detailed names of people he had never met before but people that the last Dali Lama had knew explicitly. Exciting right?!?!? Anyway, we got to sit down and just ask the Karmapa any questions that came to mind. He was really cool. He was young so he wasn't as advanced in some of his answers like his goals or past lives but he gave the best advice just for everyday life. It was really quite moving to be that close to such an important and holy figure. Breathtaking lol. Anyway, until next time.

with love,

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