Friday, May 28, 2010

Namaste again everyone

Today we went rafting on the holy Ganga in Rishikesh. Rishikesh is in the Himalaya mountains, for those not inclined to geography.

It was magnificent and apart from some sunburns, quite enjoyable. I enjoy being near the water much more than in the cities. It was my first rafting experience, which was quite exciting. One o the rapids was NUTS. The guide said it was a class 4 but Burns said he hadn't been on one that big, so it must have been insane. We were in the rapids and then all of a sudden, the sky is dark. We were in like a water tunnel. I look up and Kristen is just flying at me. Naturally I duck and cover like a little girl.

Our hotel is really neat and comfortable. We have a bath! and a Western toilet! I stayed up with Burns last night to watch a beautiful storm on the mountains and Ganga. It was the first time it's rained since we left the country and it was very comforting. Seeing a storm that intense over a river that sacred was incredible.

Every morning we have been doing yoga out on the lawn, which is delightful. I'm feeling very mellow and relaxed.

Time goes by so fast here and I keep losing track of days and time here. Before you know it, we will be back in the states.

Since my last post, we've seen the Taj Mahal and been to Allahabad. I was extremely impressed with the Taj; it is huge, beautiful and can definitely be compared to paradise. I find myself thinking about what it would have looked like when it was first finished. It's extremely hard to think about.

Allahabad wasn't the best place in the world. My only real memory is falling on my butt at the museum. No worries, I'm fine, but of course the battle versus gravity has only just begun.

In the chronicles of "Sam Touching Strange Animals in India," I did get to feed some adorable chipmunks out of my hand. I gave them some trail mix and they seemed to it.

Can't wait to hear from you all again!


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  1. samantha and burns, i am very proud of you. keep having fun and be careful. take care of that sunburn. i love you both. robin