Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hi again everyone!

Today we went to the Taj Mahal, and Fatephur Sikri. Yesterday we visited the Agra Fort, which I loved. What has been exciting me more than anything are the trips to various archaeological sites. There are places that I have known that I wanted to visit someday, that I never imagined being able to go to, and we've been to a few of them by now! That is what I love most about this trip. The downtimes are fun in different ways, but the visiting of the sites are the highlights for me.
I'm sure everyone will get pretty tired of seeing 100's of detail pictures of every site we visit, courtesy of me. I feel like I'm looking harder than everyone else seems to be, at the tiny details on every wall. For example, I saw a peacock flying in a field today, and everyone else missed it. I wish that I could stay here and explore forever...But I do want to go home at the same time. It's a strange feeling, wanting to both stay and go at the same time.

Something funny I did today was look furiously for these wooden cobras. I saw them as we went into the Taj Mahal, but you can't carry anything inside other than a bottle of water, so I didn't get one. When I came out, I couldn't find any! You have to understand that the people selling things are relentless, and it was strange I could find 0 cobras! I looked and looked, with the help of Wes. We had to leave to get on a bus to go see Fatephur Sikri, and when we got back, Wes and I reconvened the search party. As we got down at the end of a pretty long street, Dr. Maher called Wes to let him know that a person selling the fabled snakes had just walked up to him. So Wes and I made out way back to get me some cobras! It was really strange that out of all day, I only saw the cobra seller once....



  1. Keep those posts coming as I love hearing about your adventures. So glad that you are having a great time. And the wonders that you are seeing and experiencing!

  2. Katie, the trip seems to be all you hoped for and more. I am so happy for you and your friends!