Tuesday, May 25, 2010



So we are currently in Agra which is a wonderful place. Today we visited the Taj Mahal which is spectacular. I can not descibe it really becuase one can not understand until it is right in front in you. But.. if I had to compare it to something I would compare it to a football player looking at a football field the night before a huge game. The football player is standing on the football field anxious about playing in the game for he is uncertain of his teams fate. The feeling at the Taj Mahal is similar in that while looking at it from a distance you are unsure of its reality, but when you get beside it the white stone and tall pillars are overwhelming. The people here are also wonderful. We met a young boy named Vickie who is very nice and helpful. He has been a joy to talk to and learn from about the Indian culture. Well that is all for now tootaloo!

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