Thursday, June 3, 2010


This my first blog ever so please don't be too critical :-). Its really hard to believe that this trip is almost over! It feels like this trip has gone by sooooo fast, but then again it feels like I've been in India for months. India is nothing like I could have ever imagined, it has has definitely changed my life.
It is really hard to know where to start in describing my experiences here. Some of the highlights for me on this trip so far have been the Taj Mahal, rafting on the Ganges, yoga, and coming to the Himalayas. The Taj Mahal was overwhelming! You could really tell how much the emperor Shah Jahan loved his wife. :-) The symmetry was amazing, even occurring in flower murals around the bottom. We went rafting while in Rishikesh which was ALOT of fun! At one point along the trip the guide from the other raft pulled Katie in with her bum knee, our boat then plotted revenge to take him down and get him in the water. Well, I decided to try and jump from our raft to theirs and drag him into the water. My plan failed the just threw me over the other side of the raft. Soon after Dr. Maher followed my lead was successful!
We did yoga every morning while we were in Rishikesh which was really nice. Most mornings I just wanted to sleep in but felt a million times better afterwards. The Yogi kept picking on me though, I think because I had done yoga and the like many times before. He kept putting me in positions and pushing me in ways that my body did not want to go. Then proceeded to tell me to relax, when I was in obvious pain. Even though he pushed me I would like to continue with Yoga, its very rejuvenating.
We are currently in the Himalayas in Dharmasala and the views are breath taking. It is the first place that we can actually get a good view of the night sky too. I love the atmosphere here, there aren't tons of touts trying to get you to come to your shop and the people are more laid back. Though I wish the horns would stop :-(. It has been loud everywhere in India even here in the mountains. I haven't really been able to enjoy Dharmsala and Mcleod Ganj as I would like because of getting sick. Hopefully it will pass soon so that I can enjoy time with the kids of Tung Len tomorrow.
I miss everyone from home and I send you my love!


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