Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hello everyone,
The trip is over and I'm pretty sad. Getting back to the US was exciting and much needed but its defiantly different. I miss India!!! I miss the cows, and the kids, and the surprise taste in all the food, and the good friends I made there. I'm pretty sure India has changed me. I feel like a new person, or like I want to help and make a difference in the world. None of my family or friends really understand why I feel different. I guess its part of the coming home culture shock. I really enjoyed India though. And I've been asked many many times if I would do it again and the answer is and always be, In a heartbeat.

With love,
Raven Butler

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  1. Raven, I was so happy to meet you at the airport. You are such as lovely girl. I think I know how you feel and understand some of the changes you are having.