Friday, June 11, 2010

AAhhhhh the smell of fresh air!

It feels absolutely great to be back in the states. The very little things that I took for granted while being here before going to India I hold them with such a great magnitude of importance, like a shower! Water has never felt so good on my body and I can take a bath and actually feel clean! I can say that since I've been back in America I've taken on a different lifestyle. I miss a lot of things about India and I wanted to grasp that experience and make it part of who I am. So now yoga is a part of my everyday life. I took a lot of other valuable lessons from the trip that I won't speak on but change was acquired and for those that went, if your life wasn't modified in some way than you probably didn't fully seize the every moments of being in a different country and experiencing the culture and people. Last but not least I took away a love for 13 people that I had CLEARLY never met in my life and now seem closer than almost a sibling in the short but long time span we've spent together. I love you guys!!!! and I Love MY INDIA!! : )


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